The company Iosif Makrydakis S.A. is one of the oldest companies in the field of food import and trading in Greece

It was founded four decades ago by Iosif Makrydakis and has as its object frozen foods. We were the first to address the needs of the then developing hotel industry, supplying quality food to units throughout Greece and expanding our range to new products for the market.

Today the company is based in Athens, while we also operate a branch in Heraklion, Crete. With a product range that exceeds our 400 imported items, we are able to meet every need of hotels, ships, merchants, catering and restaurants we work with.

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Iosif Makrydakis Α.Ε.Β.Τ.Μ.Ε.

Petrou Ralli 8, 11 8 55 Athens


Tel(1): +30 210 3459338
Tel(2): +30 210 3450319
Tel(3): +30 210 3425431

Fax: +30 210 3425164

Heraklion Industrial Area Creta

Tel:  +30 2810 383003
Fax: +30 2810 383002

Over 50 years of experience in frozen products.